How to Remove Organic Stains From a Pool

organic stains

Organic Stain Removal

Based on 10,000 gallons (37,855 L)



When a pool is stained, it's important to diagnose the cause of the stain before treating it. Usually, stains are caused by heavy metals being oxidized, but not always. In this procedure, we'll walk through how to remove organic stains caused by tannins. 

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Like everything else, we at Orenda prefer a proactive approach. Preventing organic stains is easier than removing them and our enzymes CV-600 or CV-700 are highly effective against tannins.

You will need:

  • A clean white bucket
  • SC-1000
  • CV-600
  • Trichlor tab
  • Liquid chlorine or Cal Hypo shock
  • Reliable test kit

Step 1: Identify

  1.  If your water itself is discolored or tinted, first do the white bucket test. This will let you know if the water is colored due to organics/algae, metals, or an imbalance of alkalinity and calcium hardness.
  2.  If the surface itself is stained, put on gloves and rub a trichlor tab on a small area for about 60 seconds and see if the stain cleans up. If not, metals are likely involved. If the stain cleans up quickly, it is likely organic in nature.

Step 2: Organic Stain Treatment

  1. If the staining is organic, purge with CV-600 or CV-700 enzyme (32 fl.oz./10,000 gallons).
  2. Raise chlorine level to a minimum of 10 ppm with non-stabilized chlorine (liquid or cal hypo).
  3. Brush the affected areas thoroughly, and leave circulation on.

The staining should be improved within a week, if not completely removed. Continue brushing and maintaining elevated chlorine levels until stains are gone. Add the weekly dose of CV-600 or CV-700.

Additional information

Tannins are the root cause of most organic staining. Tannins are found in decaying organic matter like leaves, acorns, tree bark, and soils. They are organic compounds that CV-600 and CV-700 enzymes are highly effective at breaking down and removing. Chlorine can also oxidize tannins and help remove stains. 

Our strategy is to have a residual of enzymes in the water to defend your pool against organic staining in the first place. But if you are starting with stains, get the enzyme purge in the water to begin the remediation process.

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