How to Use CE-Clarifier

How to use CE-Clarifier



CE-Clarifier is an all-natural chitosan clarifier blended with our CV-600 enzyme. Its primary purpose is to attract particles and small debris–at or near the surface of the water–and clump them into larger particles for easier filtration. The enzyme in the blend helps address non-living organics and oils, specifically to address surface oils and reduce surface tension.

Altogether, CE-Clarifier is a powerful water clarifier, especially when used as a weekly maintenance product after a pool has been purged with CV-600 or CV-700 enzymes.

This procedure covers different ways CE-Clarifier can be used in your swimming pool, proper dosing instructions, and frequently asked questions (FAQs).

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You may need:

    • Measuring cup
    • Sprayer bottle

CE-Clarifier dosing rate

CE-Clarifier has an initial dose and a weekly maintenance dose. The initial dose is 4 fl.oz./10,000 gallons. The weekly maintenance dose is just 1 fl.oz./10,000 gallons. That being said, if you already have an enzyme residual in your pool (i.e. you have already purged your pool with CV-600 or CV-700 enzymes and maintained weekly dosing), the initial CE-Clarifier dose is unnecessary.

As we have said before, we recommend starting every Orenda pool program with an enzyme purge each season. CE-Clarifier is an excellent way to maintain water clarity in lightly-used pools. In heavier loaded pools, such as commercial pools, pools surrounded by large trees, waterparks and swim schools, CE-Clarifier may not be enough to keep up with the demand–it is primarily a chitosan clarifier. It does not have enough enzyme in it to handle heavily-loaded pools on its own.

Where and how to pour CE-Clarifier into a pool

We recommend pouring or broadcasting the CE-Clarifier dose across the surface of the pool. Do not add into the skimmer or gutter. If needed, measure the dose and spray or broadcast it into the middle of the pool. The enzymes will help disperse floating debris to the perimeter for easier netting and cleaning.

CE-Clarifier FAQs


What is chitosan?

Chitosan is derived from chitin, which is a biopolymer byproduct of crustacean exoskeletons (shrimp, crab, lobster, krill) being processed for our food industry. This process involves demineralization and deproteinization. 

Chitosan has a strong electrical charge that attracts small particles and debris to it, making it an effective clarifier in water.

Can CE-Clarifier trigger shellfish/crustacean allergies?

No. While chitosan is made from crustacean exoskeletons, it is processed in such a way that the proteins that cause shellfish/crustacean allergies are removed. More on the deproteinization process of chitin and chitosan here.

How long until it is safe to swim after using CE-Clarifier?

You can swim immediately. You can add the clarifier while people are in the pool if you wanted to.

Like all Orenda products, both CE-Clarifier is certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 50. That means when used as directed, it is nontoxic and nonhazardous in your water.

Does CE-Clarifier leave behind a residual?

Yes, especially if you have an enzyme residual from the initial purge dose of CV-600 or CV-700 enzyme. CE-Clarifier stays in the top 12-18 inches of the water, and due to its charge, it attracts particles to it. Larger particles are eventually large enough to either sink to the floor or be filtered out. Eventually the residual will be used up, which is why it should be maintained each week with another ounce per 10,000 gallons.

Can CE-Clarifier be used in saltwater pools?


What is the shelf life of CE-Clarifier?

Indefinite shelf life (100+ years), provided the product does not freeze.

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