How to Use Orenda Chemicals

This is our guide for using each Orenda product. More product info, like videos and safety data sheets (SDS), is hyperlinked in each section.


The Orenda Program is one of minimalism and purpose. Some of our doses depend on your pool's bather load, water temperature, and other factors. But most of the dosing is standard for any pool. This procedure outlines how to dose each Orenda product.

Purge dose and weekly maintenance

You will find two different doses for each product. We call the initial dose the purge dose. We recommend purging the pool once a year. One week later, if necessary for your pool, begin the weekly maintenance dose. This amount varies for enzymes based on your pool's bather load.

One final note before beginning. Every Orenda product is NSF/ANSI-50 Certified, guaranteeing no artificial fillers or questionable ingredients. In most cases, you can swim immediately after using our products.

You will need:

5 Orenda bottles

Shortcuts to specific Orenda products

How to use PR-10,000 Phosphate Remover

PR bottles web

PR-10,000 is a concentrated phosphate remover. You will only need a purge dose for a green pool cleanup procedure. Use PR-10,000 only as needed—two or three times yearly or quarterly for most residential pools. Try to keep your phosphate levels below 500 ppb for improved chlorine efficiency.

PR-10,000 Doses

Normal PR-10,000 doses should not exceed eight ounces (8 fl.oz./236 mL) per 10,000 gallons. We recommend no more than four ounces (4 fl.oz./118 mL) per 10,000 gallons at a time for pools with D.E. filters.

Pour PR-10,000 around the perimeter of the pool. Do NOT pour PR-10,000 into the skimmer or gutter. Pool pros often spray PR-10,000 from a commercial spray bottle in smaller doses, but more often.

What to expect

PR-10,000 will cloud the water when it comes in contact with phosphates. This cloudiness lasts about 12-24 hours, then precipitates as fine white dust. Your filter should catch most of this dust, but some may end up on the pool floor for vacuuming.

Cloudiness can last longer if phosphate levels are extraordinarily high or you use too much PR-10,000 in a single dose. While it is not harmful to swim after using PR-10,000, do not swim if the water is too cloudy to see the main drain clearly.

PR-10,000 SDS

How to use CV-600 and CV-700 Enzymes

Enzyme Product Group Photo (2)CV-600 and CV-700 are very similar products. They are both made with the same enzyme (also blended into CE-ClarifierCE-SPA, and SPA-500).

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The main difference is CV-700 blends our phosphate remover. Their dosage and procedures are identical. Enzymes have only one purpose in swimming pools: break down and remove non-living organics and oils, the crux of our second pillar of proactive pool care. 

CV-600/700 Doses

The CV-600/700 purge dose is one quart (32 fl.oz./0.95 L) per 10,000 gallons. The weekly maintenance dose depends on the bather load. Standard residential pools are about two or three ounces (2-3 fl.oz./60-90 mL) per 10,000 gallons. Busy residential pools might need up to five ounces (5 fl.oz./148 mL) per 10,000 gallons. Average commercial pools range between five and ten ounces (5-10 fl.oz./148-296 mL) per 10,000 gallons. Busy commercial pools like swim schools, swim team venues, and waterparks may need between ten and fifteen ounces (10-15 fl.oz./296-444 mL) per 10,000 gallons a week.

Pour CV-600/700 anywhere in the pool, the skimmer or gutter, or into the pool plumbing using a feed pump, ideally just before the filter(s). For commercial gutter pools, we recommend pouring into the surge tank. For commercial skimmer pools, pour into the skimmer. 

What to expect

If you thought you had clean, clear water before, CV-600 and CV-700 might pleasantly surprise you. At first, you will see suds and bubbles from the product's natural surfactant. However, after one or two circulation turnovers of the pool, small clusters of bubbles will begin to float to the surface. The more bubbles, the more non-living organics the enzymes are devouring. These bubbles prove the enzymes are doing their job. Weekly maintenance doses rarely show these bubbles because the purge dose should consume the bulk of the organic load in the water. The weekly maintenance dose replaces what is used up. This is why the weekly dose depends on your bather load. The more bather demand, the more enzymes are needed each week.

If your water is colder than 60ºF, temporary foaming may occur, but the bubbles are harmless. The enzyme will not work well in cold water. Just like SC-1000, enzymes perform better and faster in warmer water.

CV-600 SDS | CV-700 SDS

How to use SC-1000 Scale & Metal Control

SC-1000 updated bottles

SC-1000 is a powerful chelating agent that binds to metals and minerals in the water. Chelation of metals (like iron) prevents oxidation and staining. Chelation of minerals (like calcium) prevents carbonation and inhibits scale formation, at least to a certain point. The LSI determines scale-forming tendencies in water, but SC-1000 gives some grace.

When used as directed, SC-1000 can soften and remove carbonate scale and help remedy other calcium issues like calcite crystals and various forms of calcium dust. SC-1000 can also prevent stains and reverse metal discoloration in the water. It is NOT, however, a stain or metal remover. SC-1000 can be used with metal filters and ascorbic acid products, but it is not designed to remove stains or metals.

SC-1000 Doses

The SC-1000 purge dose is one quart (32 fl.oz./0.95 L) per 10,000 gallons. The weekly maintenance dose is three ounces (3 fl.oz./90 mL) per 10,000 gallons.

Pour SC-1000 directly into the skimmer or gutter or into the return line of pool plumbing using a feed pump.

What to expect

SC-1000 takes longer for apparent effects on the water (unlike PR-10,000). There are two important things to expect when using SC-1000. First, the chlorine will be wiped out during the purge dose, which can last as long as it takes for SC-1000 to do its job. This can sometimes mean 2-3 days. The warmer the water, the less chlorine downtime. Second, SC-1000 works better in warmer water. If your water temperature is below 65ºF (18.3ºC), SC-1000 will be very slow, if not completely dormant. At some point, the water is too cold for SC-1000 to do anything. So we do not recommend winterizing with SC-1000 unless you get the product in while the water is still warm enough.

Adding it in the springtime or during the initial pool startup is best.

Orenda Startup™

SC-1000 is best known as a pool startup chemical. Follow our startup procedure to learn more. In short, the startup dose is usually the same as the purge dose but rounds up to the nearest quart. If your pool is filled with water from a well, double the purge dose to be safe; most well water contains metals that can lead to stains.

SC-1000 SDS

How to use CE-Clarifier

CE-Clarifier updated bottles

CE-Clarifier is our chitosan clarifier blended with our CV-600 enzyme. Chitosan is made from crustaceans and attracts particles in water. These clumped particles are easier to filter out and remove from circulation. The added enzyme boosts performance by managing non-living organics and oils.

CE-Clarifier Doses

The CE-Clarifier purge dose is four ounces (4 fl.oz./118 mL) per 10,000 gallons. The weekly maintenance dose is one ounce (1 fl.oz./30 mL) per 10,000 gallons. That being said, we strongly recommend purging with CV-600 or CV-700 instead, then continuing with the weekly maintenance dose of CE-Clarifier.

Spray or pour CE-Clarifier onto the water surface. Do NOT pour CE-Clarifier into the skimmer or gutter. Pool pros often spray CE-Clarifier from a commercial spray bottle to broadcast it more evenly.

What to expect

Tiny bubbles will race across the pool's surface the first time you use CE-Clarifier. Its surfactant will help clear the surface tension and push floating debris and leaves to the sides of the pool for easy netting. Within hours, most users tell us they can see a noticeable difference in water clarity, though some say it takes more than a day. CE-Clariifer is great for low-use pools and fountains but does not have enough enzymes to handle large bather loads. Using CV-600 or CV-700 enzymes for those bather loads would be best.

CE-Clarifier SDS

How to use SPA-500 Pre-drain spa scrub

SPA-500-1SPA-500 is an enzyme-based spa system cleaner. It is designed to scrub the entire spa system of non-living organics and oils just prior to draining, rinsing, and refilling. This product is not made for use with bathers in the water. It is strictly a one-and-done treatment immediately before a complete drain, rinse and refill. Use only as directed.

SPA-500 Dose

There is only the purge dose for SPA-500: eight ounces (8 fl.oz./236 mL) per 500 gallons. If your spa is larger than 500 gallons, round up or estimate the appropriate dose based on that dose rate.

Pour SPA-500 directly into the spa while it is running with jets on. Remember to run, rest, and run the spa again before draining and rinsing the system clean. Do not use SPA-500 with bathers in the water.

What to expect

Expect grease and grime to be dislodged from the pipes, and expect foaming to occur. Follow the process and allow the water to rest, then run it again before draining.


How to use CE-SPA Clarifier

CE-Spa QT webCE-SPA Clarifier is specifically designed for hot, bubbly water. Just like CE-Clarifier, CE-SPA is a chitosan clarifier blended with CV-600 enzyme. Expect better water clarity and assistance managing non-living organics and oils in the hot tub.

CE-SPA Doses

Dose CE-SPA Clarifier the same way you dose CE-Clarifier, but at one-tenth the volume of water. The Purge dose is four ounces (4 fl.oz./118 mL) per 1,000 gallons. Weekly maintenance is one ounce (1 fl.oz./30 mL) per 1,000 gallons weekly.

Pour CE-SPA Clarifier directly into the spa, ideally right after bathers exit.

What to expect

CE-SPA Clarifier attracts particles and has the added benefit of CV-600 enzyme to digest non-living organics and oils. The first time using it, expect temporary bubbles and a small amount of foam. The bubbles are harmless and part of the process.

CE-SPA Clarifier SDS

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