The Orenda Startup Barrel™ Assembly and Setup

The Orenda Startup Barrel™

Components and Assembly

Startup Barrel™ Parts List (PDF)

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This procedure only covers how to set up the Orenda Startup Barrel™. Click here for the step-by-step Orenda Startup™ procedure.

The Orenda Startup Barrel™ is a 55 or 30-gallon LDPE plastic barrel. It allows you to pre-dissolve and chelate more than 50 pounds of calcium chloride at one time. This pre-treated water overflows down a vacuum hose simultaneously with untreated tap water.
This procedure outlines how to assemble the barrel with the included fittings kit(s). It also lists items not included.

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What's included

Included with the Startup Barrel Kit (no platform) ORE-50-1030

  • 55 or 30-gallon LDPE barrel (and lid)
  • Basic fittings kit
    • 3/4" brass spigot
    • 3/4" to 1" threaded bushing
    • 1" male threaded 90º to 1" female slip
    • 1.5" male threaded plug
    • 1.5" male threaded barbed 90ª

Included with the Complete Startup Barrel Kit (with platform) ORE-50-10301

  • 55 or 30-gallon LDPE barrel (and lid)
  • Platform fittings kit
    • LDPE platform
    • Flex hose stem
      • 1" true union → brass spigot → ball valve → flex hose → 1" male thread adapter
    • 1" x 1" Kerick float valve
    • Float ball and all-thread steel dowel
    • 1" tee with two 3/4" female-to-female hose couplings, including one 3/4" plug
    • 1" male threaded 90º to 1" female slip
    • 1.5" male threaded plug
    • 1.5" male threaded barbed 90ª

Not included:

  • Waterproofing (teflon) tape
  • 1.5" pool vacuum hose
  • 2" hose clamp
  • 1" PVC pipe (cut to size to insert into 90º slip inside barrel)
  • Clean garden hose
  • Plastic tarp
  • Cloth or sock
  • Tape
  • Empty bottle (float)
  • Startup chemicals

Tools and other supplies

We strongly recommend having a pair of channel locks able to unscrew the 1.5" drain plug at the bottom of the barrel when the startup is complete. Also, to tighten the hose clamp that secures the vacuum hose to the barbed fitting, you need a screwdriver or socket wrench.


We suggest assembling the fittings prior to going to the job site. Make sure you have a complete kit. For all threaded connections, use waterproofing (teflon) tape.

  1. The 1.5" barbed 90º threads into the 1.5" hole at the top of the barrel, on the outside of the barrel.
  2. The 1.5" plug threads into the hole at the bottom of the barrel.
  3. The 1" 90º to female slip threads into the top 1" hole inside the barrel, facing the slip down.
  4. The 1" threaded hole at the top of the barrel connects to:
    • The brass spigot + adapter bushing, if not using the platform
    • The flex pipe threaded adapter, if using the platform

If assembling the platform from scratch:

  1. Examine the 1x1" gray Kerick float valve. If its lever arm is on the same side as the top threads, remove the pin and invert, so the lever arm down, opposite the top threads.
  2. Thread the 1x1" gray Kerick float valve's top threads up into the platform from underneath, so the lever arm is facing the open rectangular hole, not the open platform.
  3. Thread the Tee with two 3/4" hose couplings onto the gray Kerick float valve.
  4. Assemble the flex hose stem and connect the 1" true union to the platform's top 1" threaded connection. 
    • The flex hose stem rises from the platform, includes a brass spigot, then a ball valve, then flex hose that reaches up and threads into the top 1" hole of the barrel.

For setup and use instructions, read our startup procedure page.


We have recently re-designed our startup platform (in 2021) and will be releasing our new installation video soon!


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